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Parent Wellness Tele-Visit Program

This program provides parents with telephonic support through the first months of their child’s life.

Getting home for the first time after welcoming your child into the world and looking to the next few months can be one of the most exciting and daunting times of a new parent’s life, which is why it is vital that new parents receive the support they need to thrive with their child.

The Parent Wellness Tele-Visit Program is an initiative by UMC and UNLV designed to provide new parents with a space to share their experience as new parents and to provide guidance on accessing any resources that may ease the burdens of early parenthood.

The support provided in this program includes, but is not limited to:

  • Community Resources
  • Building a Support Network
  • Reducing Family and Parental Stress
  • Positive Parenting Skills
  • Mental Health Support
  • Information on Important Screenings
  • Child Safety


As parents, you will be able to speak to our support specialist about your current experience in new parenthood along with any present concerns or questions you may have. With your permission, the support specialist can then connect you to relevant resources and prepare any referrals for services, working with you and the service provider to help guide you as parents through the process and ensure a smoother transition to receiving the desired support.

Providing you with an easy way to access these resources can make the difference in promoting positive parenting and improving the well-being of both parents and children.


Any parent or caregiver of a child born at UMC can be part of the Parent Wellness program. If you are interested in the program, please complete the enrollment form that your nurse at UMC will provide you before discharge. Participation is voluntary from beginning to end, and you may opt out at any time.

You may contact us with any inquiries at or call (702)895-5053.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Parent Wellness Tele-Visit Program is a program in which PCANV will make direct calls to new parents at regular check-in points at 15-, 60-, and 90-days post-hospital discharge after birth. It is meant to provide parents with a place to talk about their experience in new parenthood with someone who can provide them access to various resources that may help address any concerns about their specific experience. The goal is to improve both the amount and quality of support new parents are receiving in the months directly following birth.

During check-in calls you can expect to be made aware of information on mental health support, positive parenting tips, important screenings, child safety, and community resources. Parents will receive information on developmental milestones, maternal health, and the importance of promoting protective factors and positive experiences. PCANV will also refer families to community resources as needed as well as provide parents with the New Parent Resource Guide, containing information ranging from developmental milestones to mental health and crisis support.

This program is completely FREE. Your participation in this program is absolutely free of cost from beginning to end. There are no income or insurance requirements, no fees or any financial barriers for participation. You are also free to opt out at any time should you wish.

Any parent or caregiver of a child born at UMC can be part of the Parent Wellness program. Parents or caregivers will be prompted by UMC staff to sign up to the program if desired before being discharged. You can be part of the program even if the baby will not be staying with you or if you are not the biological parent but are caring for the baby.

We expect the calls to last at most 30 minutes, varying in length depending on specific questions or needs to be addressed. If additional time is required to fully address the parents’ needs, we are happy to take any additional time as needed.

Yes, the program is available for any caregiver of a child born at UMC. We understand there are many situations where the biological parents are not the caregivers and we want to provide support to any adult caring for the newborn.

We understand there are different situations that can make it difficult to participate in the program. If you are comfortable in sharing your life situation, you are welcome to write it on the enrollment form. You are also welcome to email us at or call us at (702)895-5053.

If you know you are going to be unavailable for certain amount of time but would like us to connect with you once you are available, please write “Call me in # weeks/months” on the enrollment form.

Once you have signed on to participate in the program, we will take the initiative and be calling to check in with you at 15 days post-hospital discharge, again at 30 days, and for a final time at 60 days post-discharge. The information you provided in the enrollment form will be used to determine the time/day of the first call and a new preference for the day/time of the next call will be gathered at each check-in. Additional calls outside the planned intervals can be made to follow up about any questions or resources as requested by the parent(s).

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